Things a cheating cook can’t do without

A few good quality knives

I like to use a fairly heavy weight butcher’s knife for most chopping. The handle should be fairly solid, and the blade should be about double the width of the handle, so you are able to chop down hard on the board without bumping the handle on the board!

A stab mixer

I recently got a stab mixer with a collection of attachments. You can use the stab mixer as it is for blending soups and smoothies, but the whisk is good for beating eggs and eggwhites and the chopper attachment is great for chopping up anything from onions to chocolate.

Measuring cups and spoons

The cheat’s best bet for getting the ingredients right is to follow a recipe to a T by using exactly the right amount of every ingredient. As you get more confident, you might be able to play it by ear, but using the right measurements helps get it right straight away. This is especially important when working with ingredients like bicarb soda, yeast or gelatine, as the wrong amount can drastically affect your dish.

Digital kitchen scales

For some recipes it’s important to get the weights just right (like macarons!) and having good quality digital scales makes this easy.

My secret ingredient in many dishes!

My secret ingredient in many dishes!

Chicken stock powder

I use chicken stock powder as my secret (shhh!) ingredient in a lot of dishes. I have tried many and my favourite is Vegeta. I use it for so many things like making soups and risottos, adding flavour to roast potatoes, and adding into the flour mix to season crumbed foods. Give it a go and taste the flavour enhancement in your meals!


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